Security Devices

What security devices actually decrease insurance premiums. I have been trying selecting different popular security devices for a while now and its always the same price.

Also what security devices are actually worth buying, i heard that all chains are useless as they can be broken in a matter of seconds.

I favour …

Alarm + pager, you get an audible alert through the carry fob (hang it round your neck).

Closed shackle padlock and chain with a link diameter in excess of 14mm, Irvin 42’s cannot open wide enough to crop them. But do remember to chain it to something solid.

ATEOTD you’re probably only going to deter the opportunist thief, if someone really really wants it they’ll have it, all you can do is make it as difficult as possible and give them good reason to look elsewhere for easier pickings.

LINKY to Alarms

LINKY to padlock and chains

For Chains. There is no substitute. On the chains link above, quite a few are croppable in under 1 minute.

Yes and no …

Almax chains come in 16mm and 19mm link diameters,. and they’re very good chains without a doubt. However, any of the PJB Security 16mm and 19mm chains will match them in performance and save a few of your hard earned into the bargain. Some of the 14mm chains will come pretty close too, which is why I specified the chain link diameters as +14mm. Note the 42" Irvin bolt croppers have a manufacturers recommended maximum jaw width of 12.5mm, that’s 13mm at a push.

14mm chain links = very decent carry chain
16mm chain links = good ground anchor chain
19mm chain links = very good ground anchor chain