Security devices. Can you recomend any?

Can anyone recommend some security devices? Especially those witch reduce insurance cost :slight_smile:
And how about the trackers? Are they any good?

I have Oxford chain, ground anchor and Datatool S4, but I really want to keep my bike safe.

Take it out of London, far safer!!

Almax and Tracker seem to be the only things that have proven results

I live in quiet area in outskirts of London (almost Essex) anyway, but I just want to make sure that my bike stays with me :smiley:

any trackers to recommend?

Scorpio’s i1100 also known as the rLink is an outstanding alarm system. A few boasts to name a few:

  • GPS tracking with data updated through cellular GPRS networks with online mapping.

  • Configurable perimeter sensor, tilt and shock sensors with adjustable sensitivity.

  • Alerts send by SMS text message alert and email to your designated mobile phone or email address.

  • Ability to control alarm functionality remotely through GPRS using your smart phone or computer including arming/disarming, panic mode, perimeter sensor arm/disarm, etc.

  • Free rLink software for the iPhone for easier management options.

  • Firmware remotely updated to ensure the alarm stays future proof (Mine updated automatically)

  • Another important feature is enabling a seperate login for remote internet access for GPS tracking and functionality like panic alarms for the police which you can enable rather than waiting around for a crime number before Tracker will do anything which is normally too late. ( Anybody can be given access useful for voluntary motorcyclists looking for a missing bike :slight_smile:

Anyway there are other functions like Geofence, Social network interaction for group rides, etc and so on. See Scorpio or rLink’s website.


ummmm ?

change that sharpish.

Don’t sleep with another bike then!:stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not plannig to do that :smiley:

Yep, second change the Oxford! Almax all the way! Shouldve listened to fellow advice and got one sooner. My ABUS is a quarter the size in comparison I think and as light as a feather!

The subject of Trackers has been covered many times on here, so do a search.

I recommend the official Police backed tracker supplied by Tracker UK.

Xena Alarm Disclock

+1 I got it but no almax. cant afford it at the mo:crying: but the bike is garaged:D

A dog chained next to the bike is the best way :wink: