Security Chain

Looking to go on a European trip in the summer and need to buy a chain/padlock… Does anyone have something lying around that I could buy?  I guess Almax is the thing to go for but I guess I have a few months before I go… thanks.

Is this a chain to leave at home with the bike, or one to carry with you? The link between a summer trip and needing a new chain isn’t an obvious one.

Sorry, to take with me on the trip.

I just take a disk lock and a ‘heavy duty’ bicycle chain lock from Oxford. They both weigh very little. I would never rely on the Oxford chain lock for regular parking in London, rather it’s a deterrent for somewhere that the bike is parked at for one night at most. Also abroad my bike will almost certainly be parked either cheekily off-street by the main door of the accommodation, in the lobby itself (!), or tucked in a dedicated car park.

in the lobby itself (!) whereisgibson
May be tough with 9 bikes :-)
in the lobby itself (!) whereisgibson
May be tough with 9 bikes :-) IMORTAL_Indian
Six is my record; the key is not to ask, open the conversation about asking if they have a bar, and just explain that it's the only thing stopping you from taking n rooms... :D

You don’t want to be carting a 16/19mm chain around anywhere let alone Europe. My touring weapon of choice is a Xena XX14 disc lock, fits most big bikes but check dimensions before ordering.

Best price I found (excluding eBay) was from

Handcuff yourself to the swing arm and settle in for the night :smiley:

I’ve only used a disk lock while travelling and as Martin says, you can generally park the bike out of sight at most locations. When looking at places to stay we’ve tried to make sure it’s got secure parking.

Stretch has got a chain type lock, that’s not too heavy. Hopefully he’ll remember where he got it from.

I’ve got what I think is known as an Abus Granit X-Plus City which is light enough to carry round generally (I use it day-to-day if you wan to have a look at BM one week) and that’s generally fine (£140ish for a bit over a metre). I’ll normally put two bikes side-by-side and lock them together with that.

Normally I either park by my tent or just outside the reception of whatever building I’m in, too.

If you’re going with 9 bikes, get someone else to carry a chain that you can also hook into :slight_smile:

Like whereisgibson, I wouldn’t take a heavy chain. I’ve done it before and it’s just ridiculous, the weight for the risk just doesn’t work out. It’d contribute to ruining the handling, and thus your fun.

We just take alarmed disc-locks nowadays and make sure the bike is parked securely where possible (this seems more likely abroad for some reason. I’ve found gates to hide behind, foyers, etc. A lot of hoteliers are quite accommodating).

I have an Oxford Chain and Lock you can borrow, it’s a pretty good one, cost me about £70 but it’s pretty bloody heavy. As already mentioned I wouldn’t want to lug it accross Europe!! But your more than welcome to use it

Every time I go abroad, or even weekend trips in England, I always take my Almax chains.  Anything else is like string to a bike theif.

I think you’re visiting the wrong places.

Echoing others thoughts- I have 2 x Almax chains here.

You are free to borrow one for the trip if you like but they weight about 15kg a piece.

I’ve found the best way to carry the Almax chains in in a US5 or US10 Kriega tailpack.  Make sure its really secured down well.

Majority wins… will go with the disk lock… chain sounds like too much hastle… but many thanks for the offers for your chain… if things change, I may take you up on your generous offer.

An almax for a Euro trip is freaking non sense… you will notice that in most cities people do not even lock bikes, a good disc lock and insurance should give you enough peace of mind. Just use common sense and don’t stay in dodgy areas.

take a disk lock for each wheel if you want a middle-ground