Secure Your Helmet

So I’m now leaning towards a CB1000R, but I’m worried I would miss my top box. The biggest issue would be, three times a week I ride to work, put my helmet and jacket in the top box and take my rucksack out and go the gym. It will be quite a pain to take all my gear with me :frowning:

I was wondering, I recall seeing steel cables that can be used to secure your helmet to your bike. Does anyone use these with perhaps a waterproof bag round the helmet too? Are there other options I’ve not thought of?

Infinity do a waterproof helmet bag that locks to the bike:

It’s not cheap though and you could presumably cut through it with a pair of pliers. I use a small disc lock (mini u-lock type) through the d-rings and onto the bikes rack on the rare ocasions when I leave the lid with the bike but i don’t like doing it because someone could nick it just by cutting the strap.

A slightly larger u-lock or chain could go through the visor opening and round the chin bar?

Why don’t you just lift the seat on the cb1000r and use the helmet hooks and put the seat back on.

Well, as said, I don’t want the only thing securing my helmet to be the straps. Easily cut. That’s why I was wondering about a steel loop, like you might have securing your laptop.

Actually, just like is used in that helmet bag linked by monkimark. I think that’s just what I’m after, wire reinforcement inside the bag too. Looks pretty good to me.

That does lead to another question though, how much space is under the seat of a CB1000R? Anyone know? Enough for my Satnav, helmet bag, bike lock and a few cables? I’m going to have a look at a few tomorrow, so can check then I guess.

That bag is useless. I can have your helmet in less than 30 secs using large wire cutters with minimal effort if I wanted to. The best way to secure a helmet is to open the visor put the thick chain you use on your rear wheel and chain the helmet to the bike.

This works but you don’t really want grot off the chain in the helmet, which you can’t avoid sometimes:sick:

Yeah, that’s true, although I think the actual steel cable would put up more of a fight, no? I assume that would loop through the helmet?

I do have a hefty chain I’ve not used for a while, I guess I should if I get a shiny new bike though, so maybe that’s the best option, just loop that through the helmet too. (As long as that fits under the seat too!)

If you’re thinking about leaving your helmet with your bike (presumably on the street?) - you’ve got more to worry about than it getting dirty from a chain or stolen … what about if the bag fails/someone unzips the zip to nosey at what is inside … then it either rains - or worse - the person who went noseying through the bag decides to leave some of their own bodily fluids behind as a present :sick:

And then there are the knocks/bangs/bumps that the helmet will take - potentially damaging its integrity to do it’s job and protect your noggin.

Long and short … don’t do it :satisfied:

Not in the street, a paid carpark, but yes, I had wondered if someone decided to be funny, it could be quite unpleasant.

I think it will prob be like a fireblade under the seat (don’t quote me on this). I can say with most modern bikes once you have an alarm under the seat good luck fitting anything else. All I can fit with a tight squeeze under the seat is my alarm, cigarette lighter and my trusty puncture repair kit which I will never leave home without.

You’ll be surprised how crap that skinny steel chain is, especially if its an Oxford product. Its like one of those pound shot steel chains or a steel shoelace if you’ve never seen a pound shop chain. Even if you have to put that chain in a backpack its worth it considering how nickable/sought after the CB1000R is. I’m sure a big lad like you can manage an extra 10-20KG. In fact after lugging that around all day you can spend less time at the gym :P.

Jetstream’s point is very valid about the dirt so do consider it. I think if you thread a supermarket bag through the chain that will stop the majority of the much but not all of it. I’m sure you will find your own way.

i imagine that the steel cable could be cut with a pair of wire cutting pliers in seconds. Yamaha kindly provided me with a similar cable on my bike that fixes under the seat to secure a helmet through the chin bar - I wouldn’t trust it as far as i could throw it - certainly not all day in a public car park.

Tucano urbano do some sort of helmet bag with an elasticated bit to stick a chain through I think but the best option is get a bigger rucksack and take the helmet with you.

I was thinking of ordering this -

Get another top box Andy

You will really miss it if you don’t!!

Personally, I wouldn’t want to leave my helmet exposed and unattended, you never know what could happen to it…
Best to keep it locked out of sight in the old top box I reckon!

A side point - did you know that that car park is one of the proposed building sites for the new local library, when the council sell off the old Town Hall building (soon). Can’t remember where we read this, but may be worth looking in to in case regular users want to raise objections.

That back pack looks pretty cool. Well probably until you wear it :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t think my carpark is? It’s actually being proposed the carpark is moved underground and the shops spread out over the back. Mind you, back in 2009 it was proposed to happen in 2011… so I guess it could be anything now.

Can I get a top box for a CB1000R? Also, I think it would look a little odd, no?

EDIT Silly me, of course you can -

I may have to do this. I guess I can then just use the top box on the days I’m going to the gym and need it.

How about using a bicycle chain? I’ve secured my lid and jacket to the bike using this method at public events ie BSB days at Brands without any issue.

Erm take it with you? Or am I missing something obvious?

The lockers at the gym aren’t all that big. My jacket and helmet would fill most of one :frowning:

Get another padlock & use 2 lockers?