secure your helmet

if you dont carry it with you!




Now wher is my bowsaw? :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmm, me thinks it may turn into dustbin… :slight_smile:

Free tree!

lol either that or something in the shape of a dog coming along and er, using, the tree, including what’s tied to it.

Either a bloody tall dog or a very good shot:D

bit of kit that expensive that can be damaged so easily without you knowing about it… i value my head - quite an important body part to me - think i’ll carry my lid thanks!

lol still wouldnt want a dog doing aaanything anywhere near my lid

That is just the right height for someone busting for a leak and requiring a little bit of privacy. rather daft thing to do as if it rains the lid will fill up nicely.

I have heard of people who left lids locked to bikes coming back and finding someone has pissed in them…