Secure Motorcycle Parking

Hello all I have got a question that I wanted your thoughts on. In Reading the only semi secure parking available is at the train station and now the weather is getting warmer :rofl::rofl: , more bikes are being parked and it gets full really quickly.

I am considering, yes only considering having a chat with the council to see if there are any options available to get more parking.

So in an attempt to predict their response with well we may have to charge (pay and display) my question is:

If you are given “secure” parking for you bike but you need to pay a couple quid a day for the convenience. Will you use and pay it ?

Yes I know secure is relative and all that Jazz but just assume it is :joy::joy:

In my opinion I think motorists, including motorcyclists, have been seen by councils as an easy target for revenue streams.

Pay for parking, secure or not, no thank you.

Depends what the secure part is and how near it is to where I need to work/live

I’m used to paying. And thats just for a spot in the street, nevermind secure… lol…

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@nivag I guess secure in this instance will at most be rails and or ground anchors for you to attach chains. I have never seen any council\public offering that is more than that. I can hope for a CCTV camera but we all know thats pushing it.

@grimmreapa51 excuse my ignorance, but is it like a designated bike parking bay or just pay and display street parking where all vehicle have to fork out.

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@kcoops Its a designated motorcycle bay. They offer no anchorage of any sort, and the one I often use at times has cars parked across it. Which is annoying at best. lol… Westminster also offer the same street parking which as you point out is open to all. And for the same fee… :rage: