Secret Santa

Play it safe or be bang outta order…?

Xmas do 2/3 is fast approaching… what do I buy? I do not know the person as pressies will be selected at random…

If you don’t know who it is, then bang outta order is a must !

Is the buyer and receiver both annonymous??

If so then 100% bang out of order, the more out of order the better!!

get a pineapple.

What is this thing with you and pineapples, ha ha ha?

a large carrot and some KY

+1 pineapple

Wrap a pineapple in 15 different layers of wrapping paper just to fox 'em!


A Bosu ball.
Seriously hilarious at a drunken christmas party and if it survives the night actually useful.
(fit model extra)

Or get a fleshlight.

just get a box of paper clips

Justin Bieber Purpose

Just bought a cracking secret Santa present for someone in the office - a box of emergency stick-on moustaches.