Secret Santa LB edition


I’ve done it few times, is great fun. So why not to try here with LB family.


  1. Post your name in this thread if you want to participate. (and send me PM with you name and postage details this details will be sent only to the lucky person who will be your “Secret santa”)
  2. End date of joining in will be 12/12/2013
  3. Couple days after you will recieve PM with name of the person to whom you are the “Secret Santa” and address to post the parcel. Raffle will be perform by my 7yo to avoid any hookups.
  4. Please keep presents budget low, I believe £10-£15 is enough to have something funky (obviously if my Secret santa wish to buy me a new exhaust I don’t mind but I don’t expect that).
  5. Have fun!


If this were Lagosbikers, I’d do the same and send everyone my address and get a load of free pressies :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry Blade, I just don’t like the idea of my address, where my motorcycle is kept on the street, being given to someone I possible don’t know.

We used to have Secret Santa presents at the LB party. The chance to sit on PJ’s knee made it so much fun :slight_smile:

Art, well that’s didn’t cross my mind, that if me or Jet would win your a** in the raffle the Bonnie would be in danger. However I understand your point.
Besides only ONE person getting your address (pardon two but I don’t consider myself as a treat to your/any bike from LB) so that limit suspects group to one.

Jet, as it is 3rd already I doubt there will be enough time to do it before Xmas party.

If you are concern about your precious bike security feel free to send it to me (will PM address to people) and packages will be collected at BM or NN.

Anyways if anyone enter then fine, if not fine as well, less work for me.