secret roundabout near Ace cafe

Hi, all, just for a heads up, our dear government had set up a CCTV camera right above that secret roundabout near Ace cafe, Im sure most of people knows which roundabout Im talking about.

So do not do any speeding or getting ur knee down there as the CCTV is facing the way which will catch the number plate.

The CCTV has a grey box on top, so I don’t know if it has speed detector… but better not risk it.

It has been set up jus yesterday.


Many thanks. And where shall me now get the from commuting flat tyre back into round shape?


Whats the plate number for boris or the police commissioner?

Yeah, there’s a photo on the PolishBikers forum:

Err, yeah but you have to create an account to see it and my Polish isn’t great :stuck_out_tongue:

Was just about to say the same, can you show us the photo?


Thanks Szymon- there always was some sort of camera on the other side of the roundabout, a tall pole with a sphere on the top of it.

very sad when saw it last nite…


is this camera going to fine us all? :w00t:

no. only the ones who cant get their knee down or crash while attempting to do so. :smiley:

mmmmm…hahaha… on that sense im not getting fined! :smiley:

man thats gutting, no longer do we have a north london racetrack!! Its fun just to go there on a evening a watch others, we need to send scounts out to find a new site!

that sites been busy with police for ages…thanks to huge groups gathering there on friday nights…

ah go back 3 years it was hardly known and empty on a friday evening or during the weekend, was bliss.

good job i no longer go there, too many dickheads stacking it while racing each other:pinch:

plus theres some much much better spots, and roundabouts are for pussys:P

Just for another heads up, a young chap on a 125 bike with L plate came off by a failure burn out at that spot last night, and broke pretty much plastic pieces on his bike (even his number plate), so the pieces are everywhere around the circle i draw, I tried to pick those pieces up as many as I can in the dark, but Im sure there are still some on the road surface, so please be careful when leaning if any of you do go there.

Not sure this was to helpful mate, or what point your trying to make. After all it was you among other who told us all about this place and who where up there a lot at one stage, now i have not been up there for over 18 months but its a pretty safe environment for people to learn KD in a quiet area, so why are they all dickheads/pussys after all you are/where a walking ambassador for getting you knee down on the road, what does that make you??

wasnt intended to be helpfull just stating some facts:) btw the pussy bit was a joke but i spose its true :laugh:

go back 3 years, i remember people posting it on here and i also remember me saying maybe it was a better idea to keep it quite…

it USED to be a good place to practice or learn, before it got busy, and before the groups starting gathering there, we would go up there 5 maybe 6 of us, now its 20-30+…

so i never told anyone all about it, bar a few LB’s who as we all agreed to keep it as quite as poss, the dickheads are the amount of people that would go up there and there bikes end up in bits as they got carried away racing each other round. i seen it with my own eyes hence why i stopped going there!

im no walking ambassador at all, they may think that? but i dont at all.

i’m good at getting my knee down yes, its something i’ve learnt and found im good at, but ambassador? where did you get that one from?:laugh:

I get it down on the road yes, on roads i know well, and i know exactly where and when i can do it and get away with it, i’m not racing around a set of roundabouts nearly colliding with others, i do it out in the lanes away from others, if someone objects to me doing it on a ride, i leave the ride, simple and everyone’s happy.

you no longer do it on road cos by your own admission it nearly killed you?

i’ve had that happen but it dont put me off, just like someone who flips a bike doesnt stop wheeling.

so…you finished having a go?