Secret Roads

No I’m saving them!

theres roads that i only share with riding mates,
i dont often ride out into the lanes on my own, if things go wrong you can be stuck for a very long time!

I’ll keep it to myself, won’t tell anyone else…promise!! :hehe::slight_smile:

b664 - market harborough - oakham etc. local play road for me at the moment! not for much longer though!


It’s not secret if you post it on a fookin’ forum now is it?

Now, here’s a suggestion for some of the brains behind LB:

A nice little section where we can post great stretches of roads that are good for a BLAST. I figured that if we post up the roads that we BOOM it down on a public forum then it’s not so safe? Nor do we want EVERYONE riding down them…

or no?

Anyway, NEVER post your secret roads!!!

I’m saving mine up for when I have enough money to pay some police to close the roads for a few hours so we can all go down and BLAST them… :smiley: Surely there must be a policeman willing to do it for a bit of wongaaa?!

Good post.

Not because I’m going to tell people about a few roads I know, but it reminded me to go ride a few roads that it’s been far too long since I have ridden them.

(Now I’ll go and find those lovely little roads in Essex/Sussex I once knew have all been made up to dual carriageways!)

Crta de la Arrabassada (not much of a secret)


LB TRIP?!?!??! :smiley:

The causeway to Lindisfarne at high tide.:stuck_out_tongue:

So secret you can`t see it.:smiley:

All the roads in this region. Beautiful :cool:

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