Secret Roads

Roads which we don’t tell anyone about? Like the really lovely ones…

Roads which we ride down on really sunny days when we are alone in our solitude and enjoy on our own?

Is this selfish/anti-biker-community?


I don’t but that’s partly cause my knowledge of roads is pretty poor… :d

I would expect that we all have some roads that we would only do with close friends rather than take large groups of bikers down… but again as I don’t lead any rideouts I don’t know :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

I’ve found a couple up this way that I’m like that with.

Not met another bike on them yet or any cars for that matter.

But then again even if I did tell any of the guys I know up here about them theres only one guy that has a bike that could use them, definitly need tyres with a bit of tread :slight_smile:

No roads are secret? They are all on the map? :stuck_out_tongue:

I have one that I love ripping along, it’s a B road in West Sussex. It’s not exactly private but on a Sunday morning at 7am it feels like it’s all your own.

short cut through a wood about 3 miles of private logging road:D

yup but not in the UK :smiley:

yes :smiley: stop phishing :stuck_out_tongue:

A30 Bagshot to Camberley is a riot, no cams no limits it`s like a race track.




A406 all the way round :smiley:

i wouldnt say i have particular secret roads, but if i go pretty much any direction from where i live (apart from london direction! :w00t: ) i have lovely roads, and if you consciously came of the main roads and go down the side roads there are many nuggets to be found (im keeping my eye out for the pot of gold too) :wink:

Guy had a couple of favourite roads on which to take his beloved GSXR. But I’m not telling any of you lot which roads they are, because they belonged to him!!

He shared his secrets with me. :smiley:

yep not telling

And us;):slight_smile:

God damn it!!! :wink:

Y’all aint never gonna know my roads!

Go on, tell us…:P:D