Secret of long life

My old Grandad’s passed away. He were 98, tha knows. I asked ‘im once what were the secret of his long life. “Don’t tell yer mother,” he said, “but I takes a little pinch of gunpowder in me tea every mornin’. Puts fire in yer belly, keeps yer regular, keeps yer fit an’ ‘ealthy.” Ah well, he’s gone now. Leaves a grieving widow, 6 children, 14 grandchildren, 32 great-grandchildren and a fookin’ great ‘ole where the crematorium used ter be…

Sorry for your loss, My grandfather won’t be about so long anymore – and it’ll be a devistating loss – just take on board his wisdom and live your live so he’d be proud, that’s all any of us can do.

Take it easy bud, our thoughts to you and your family.


You cant be for real mate, think you better read stuff before you reply




That reminds me of my Grandad,he died of asbestos poisoning… it took them three weeks to cremate him…


Oh dear.

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