Secondhand kit to dispose of

Hi folks.

An old neighbour of mine discovered I’d got back into biking and has passed onto me a load of kit he doesn’t use.

A couple of items are of interest but mostly it doesn’t fit or isn’t my style. My old neighbour didn’t sell the stuff as he didn’t want people coming to his house and also didn’t want to get involved with Ebay, same for me.

The items are:

Ladies black leather jacket size 12, lancer style, hardly worn.

Two piece gents zip together leather suit, medium, hardly worn, hard armour.

Mens Sidi boots size 43, hardly worn.

Also a textile jacket that’s seen better days.

All could be 20 years old.

So can you tell me where I can get rid of this stuff for it to have a useful life, would be a shame to chuck it away. Any dealers in secondhand bike kit?



eBay/gumtree might be your best bet

Assuming its servicable kit drop it off at your local charity shop or clothes bank.

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What Sidi boots are they?

Can you take some photos of the gear, @HBG?

I’ll get some pics up when I get home, meant to do it yesterday but was out a lot.

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drop a few pics, would like to see that ladies leather :slight_smile:

If nothing else your local ambulance service might like it to train medics on how to cut it off a crash victim.

Also, fire brigade for the Bike Safe courses.

Ladies jacket size 12

Is the toe also a size 12?

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Textile jacket, some armour, size XL

Sidi’s size 43 yet too small for my size 43 toes.

Spyke leather two piece. Says size 54 in them but they are definitely a medium. Hard armour.

They fit me (5ft 11, 80kg) but are not my sort of thing.

Sidi boots have a narrow fit.
Do these have a model name on them?

Put the boots away now, will have to get them out tomorrow. They’re hardly worn but a good few years old.

I heard from Paula and Royston showing interest in a jacket and full suit, have had trouble getting back in contact. I want to get shot of the stuff so if still interested let me know here and we can sort something out, otherwise I’ll move it on.