Second St Georges Day / Puppy Memorial Rideout Photo Gallery!

Hey all,

I’ve whipped up a second photo gallery, from the photos I took on the ride…

Very nice photos :slight_smile:

Though I would take the one with the woman without her pants off… I mean she is clearly not well and I wouldn’t want someone plastering a photo of me on the internet in such a position if I ever got to that stage :frowning:

Nirce work Jay…

+1 You should know better.

The other photos are really good. :smiley:

Agreed, a great set of photos, but that one of Smiled’s aunty is insensitive, unless she gave permission for it to be shown.


Thanks all.

The photo in question has now been removed. Apologies for any offence caused.

Well done:)

Thanks :slight_smile:

aww i missed it :crying: