second sitting of my tattoo

hi guys hope you are all well and enjoying the bikeing weather this weekend,havent been able to get out on my bike but did have the second sitting of my arm piece.

so this is what it looks like !!!:smiley:

hope you like it.

dont care if you dont i LOVE IT.

TC what do you think?




I like that.

black & white from before was better imo. still nice.

still got one more colour sitting and then a highlight/touch up sitting.

more pain not good!!!

but worth it!!:smiley:

Will you have it re-coloured every time you change your shirt?;):smiley:

Very nice, how long ha it taken so far?

looks really nice, where u get it done? x

Ha ha! Just what I thought. It’s pretty much a match!

It looks really good. I assume there is more colours on their way? Reds and Yellows?

next time il wear a white top.LOL:D

hey gav, looking good man, still wanna see it in the flesh! you at BM wednesday?

nice, lookforward to the pics when its finished

That looks good fella.

Do you know what the script characters at the bottom mean?

Looks cool. nice size

Very nice work Gav, looked good as an outline and still looks good with the colour in it so far, look forward to seeing the finished article. :slight_smile:


the kanji at the bottom if for FAMILY.

i designed it myself and it has a real meaning to wasnt out of a book or just something i saw.i gave the tattooist my basic ideas and this is what he came up with.

looking good