second set of wheels for track days

so here I am, in the Royal Berkshire Hospital A&E waiting room with my lovely Eva that has man flu and can’t take it so I have to take her there and wait 2 hours for **** all…
I am thinking, lets look for a second set of wheel to put wets on for next year track day season… And here is what I and up with…
new set of wheels

That should save me having to learn to change wheels as fast as TDJ does… :w00t:

Great price, but that looks a bit froggy to me :laugh:

You could get a KTM 1190 RCB.

Or a second set of wheels and save £Lots.

At last you have commited to one or the other!!!

Great, now you can track prepare one bike and oh, then you’ll need a second set of wheels fro the track bike to put wets on lol !

Don’t think I haven’t thought about that little issue… I am working on it. Got till April as I have no intention to start the 2010 season before that time unless I bring myself to book a 3 days on the track in spain or portugal… :smiley:

ahhh let me know when i wanna go portimao next year:cool:


let me guess your off there next week…if not phaps do a “cadwell” weekend abroad

my current thinking is as follow