Second bike

One of our Senior Project Managers at work is selling his bike and has given me first refusal. The other half is OK with it (more chuffed with the thought of me clearing out the garage to get it in, I suspect). It’s a '99, 30,000 miles, well cared-for, he only wants £2k for it. Any thoughts? I’ll be keeping the VFR for work!

If you can afford it and all the upkeep for a duc, (which ain’t cheap for parts), I’d go for it. My misses would bust my noggin If I even thought about another bike right now!

She’s a beauty mate.

very nice, if you can afford the upkeep why not? I’ve heard parts are a nightmare though.

She will be very frustrating but very rewarding!! Go for it if you have the cash!!!

Although I love Ducatis I’ve never been a fan of the 900ss in that guise.

I hope you have deep pockets;)

All this talk of Ducati’s lately has got me really wanting a 999 again. next year when i have 3 years no claims i think i’ll have to take the plunge:D


That was just a fugly they built between the equally gorgeous 998 and the 1098:w00t:

She is a beautiful example and at a reasonable price. I would say go for it. With regards to running costs i would say that she is not going to be a work horse but a fair weather ride at weekends, so long as you keep an eye on bolts coming loose and oil you will not have an issue.

to be fair on the 999 it has in my opinion a better rear end than the 998 and is half the price of a 1098.

We’ve all seen your choice of rear ends Henry;):DThe 999 is wayyyyy too narrow for you;):smiley:

maybe that’s why i had bad luck with the RR?:wink:

Looks very tidy!
They’re supposed to be expensive to keep, but if it’s a weekend toy only anyway, and you have a dry and secure place for it, why not.

Stop faffing around and do it.

It is going to drive you mad, sometimes, it’s going to make you pay out money, sometimes, it’s going to make your face ache from the big stupid grin a lot.

It’s not one of Ducati’s best but what do you want for that money?

Just effing do it!

(But dont blame me for “sometimes” bits.)

Well, I just effing did it. There’s a large red twin in my garage now. It has this half-fairing on at the moment but I’m getting the full fairing too - decisions, decisions! 130 miles home from picking it up and my knees are still working, so the riding position can’t be that bad. First impressions - the VFR is faster and more civilised, the SS handles better and has more ‘character’. I think it’s going to be fun… :slight_smile:

Good call, that looks lovely. Lucky you!

Congratulations. She really is dang perty! Enjoy. :slight_smile:

Jealous. Me?

Of course I am.