Second bike ?

Hey all, Im thinking of buying a second bike … im thinking of maybe a DRZ400 or somthing of that sort …to bash around on in the winter ( sory to say the swear word ) winter

but im just looking ?

Ideas please as i want somthing super moto’y around 200 cc up wards ?

hmm i want somthing more fun… lol as mad as that sounds …

nothing wrong with them bikes though my bro had a bros and CB1

Nowt wrong with a DRZ, good fun, cheap to run but it will cause you to start buying “bits” for it like Akro pipes, new carbs, SM wheels etc, etc. After a while you will wonder why you didnt just splash out and buy a KTM. I know, I wonder that every day!!! But hey!! Anyway, hacked it through last winter, starts first time and gets about 90 miles to the tank (10L). Great in London, c**p on long journeys (unless you are a massacist). It is very tall though so if you are under 6 foot ish you will be on tippy toes.

DRZ, awesome town bike, will gobble up any weather you throw at it, and when it gets really nasty, the DRZ will keep you high off the ground and out of the spray, and have the tyres to ride over any crap. Simple engine, so less to go wrong, very tough and doesn’t show damage if you fall off on slippy stuff (tyres are made for bad conditions though, so less chance of this).

well im off to devon soon to collect my honda varadero 125, shes been stored for 2 years and its about time she came out of retirement!! i love using her, especially in winter as shes a high bike and i fel safe on her, she is gonna be me winter bike!! fazer will be going into hibernation until we get the odd dry winter day.

i would advise :



drz 400

winter can still be fun!!!

Sell the R6 and get that SP1 you been bitching about for the past 3 months

Ark at you on the Rossi Rep !!..whats the matter …got tufted outta the Oxford early ?

Or have you no need now soppy cods flatster has booked us all in to have our harrisis checked for farmers in Hastings !!!

what a miss shapen sillicone enhanced baby globe he really is !!!

ha ha!!!

you must be at work then grumpy

I’d have a supermoto-ized DR-Z400 in a heartbeat if I could get away with it. Every time I bring it up my wife says “I’ve SEEN you ride a dirt bike and you’re NOT having one on the street…you’re a hooligan on those damn things!!”

Oh well…it IS fun to think about. LOL

Have to agree, the only bad thing I ever did on my R6 was go fast. The DRZ, wow, that brings a whole new meaning to hooligan. Fun, fun and more fun. However, as Jay says they are pretty bullet proof.

Buy this if it’s still available: - it’s a seriously good price!

It’s just as much a hooligans bike as a DRZ, you should see me riding through town

You could probably get a couple of hundred for the panniers on eBay if you don’t want them.

If I had the money I would buy it and have 2, one to learn how to maintain, ie, brakeable and another on the road.

The day after Smiled got his new bike, I had a bit of a drag with Oodie on his R6, was surprised when he couldn’t keep up we didn’t get up much more than 60 mind.

It’s the perfect town bike and just as compfy in motorways.


think its male menopause have a beer barro for christ’s sake

Buy one of these

totally indestructable, even run without a battery.

or if you’re feeling a bit of a wimp you could go for the electric start version

Info about them here

cool ill look at them ex army bikes. they seem like they could do the job