Seat remodeling and recovering?

Does anyone know of someone who can remodel and recover a seat in the middlesex area ?

Mole has just had her Bandito seat reshaped and recovered by a mobile fella known as Lee the Seat with good results.

Ok cheers , saw that , it mentions not running his van anymore and don’t fancy going to kent , would prefer something local , i’ve mailed them though.

Not sure if he has actually stopped running his van yet as that was only last week.

Might be worth a tinkle mate;)

will do , cheers mr chunky :slight_smile:

There is a guy at the back of Tescos in Baldock called AR Pound who has done several seats for me and friends very good very cheap , BUT very busy!

His office number is 01462 892704 i know its not close to home but its a nice ride to there !! good luck

Cheers , Baldock isn’t too bad ,a quick spin up the A1 , i’ll give 'em a call