Seat cowl

Anyone know where I can get hold of a seat cowl for a street triple? Just being a cheapskate until I realise its futile :smiley:

Cheers :smiley:

try fleabay, busters, demon tweaks, M&P :slight_smile:

tightwad !!!:smiley:

grumpy old man!!

oups, :ermm: isnt this the insult the last person thread?? :hehe:

lol - fanks :stuck_out_tongue:

I shelled out and got the OEM cowl, but I heard from someone that a speed triple cowl may fit, if thats the case could be worth looking for one of them on flea bay too - I lke the shape of the speed cowlโ€ฆ

I do think there was a street cowl on there the other day when i searched for Street triple!