seat cowl painted

ello folks, does anyone know where i can get my seat cowl painted in london?

Just do it yourself mate. I bought a yellow fairing off ebay, sanded it down and sprayed it with grey primer, then black matt, and it looks exactly the same as the rest of my bike. Took me an afternoon all in. Total cost under £20, and all sourced from Halfords. You just need to make sure everythings smooth before the final coats.

Dont think anyone can be bothered to paint it for you, there won’t be much profit in it!

where in london are you? if SW and you dont mind travelling out a bit I know a guy that has a set up at home and is decent and reasonable prices

cheers guys. i am doing it myself, so will see how it goes.

Why not get it wrapped… try these guys for a qoute I got a price for a full bike wrap and will be considering getting it done one day as it is much more cost effective than a custom pain job

Just a thought…:w00t: