Seat conversions

Does anyone know of an individual or company that can re-upholster bike seats to remove or add foam?

Want to flatten the rider seat on my bike to be like one of the one’s below, but I want to add a better quality of foam to the pillion seat.

Any ideas?


GP Tech Seat

the winning post does upolostry its by alexander palace wood green end

It ain’t that difficult to do E, just pop off the staples, cut off the foam, add new foam and mould it with a sharp scalpel - get some sexy leather and staple it back on. I’m looking out for some croc hide!

This fella seems to have recieved quite a few praise threads

Yo El…I’m no good at that kind of thing so I’m looking for a professional :laugh:

Thanks Chunky :slight_smile:

let us know how you get on afro and if the guy is still in buisiness, as might get mine done

ChunkyMonkey (12/06/2008)

This fella seems to have recieved quite a few praise threads[/quote]Yeah wot the chunkster said.have used him my self, pulled up in his van and done it there and then.

I’ll chuck another praise in for him.

Quite literally just had the guy turn up about 2 hours ago and redo the cover on my CB400SF’s seat. Turned up in his van, did the seat there and then in about 20 minutes. Quality job and cost me 45 quid.

Don’t know what he’s like with the foam part obviously, but seems like a top service. (I’ll get some pics taken and post them up if you want)