Season has finished a bit sooner than expected

While I was out in Austria on work we had an afternoon off the sunday before last and a few of us found a ‘luge’. A plastic tea tray that you sit on and ride down a hillside track (kind of a steel half pipe thingy)

Well, I came a cropper on my 3rd run and flipped the tea tray, my leg dug in and was whipped behind me. Ouch!

I was flown home the next day and have confused a few good doctors but the truth is now clear…

I have a broken Tibia Plateau and a lot of muscle damage. 12 weeks before I can walk again and 2 years before all is totally sorted. But no surgery, yipee.

So at least I’ll be able to race next year, but it is a premature end to this season.

It was fantastic to see my name at the top of the Hornet Club Championship for a short time, I’ll probably end up 3rd or 4th.

As for the Superclub championship, it will be a miracle if I can hold onto my 5th place, but fingers crossed.

Theres a lot to do in preparation for next year, the Black & White Race Team will be back in 2007, stronger than ever before

At your age too! You’d think you would know better. Now if someone my age did something really stupid it would be more understandable…

Roll on next year, eh Paul?! Your gonna have the best team out there!

Damn, bad luck mate Sounds like it hurt! Good finishings though in the race series’, so congrats for that. So no more Luge for you either this winter?

Nasty! That sounded like great fun until you crashed… on the bright side perhaps it`ll give you more time to save for a serious assault
(not on yourself) on next years series

Good luck with the recovery.

That is rotten luck mate! Sorry to hear that you’re season is over too soon…

I will say though, make sure you get some second and third opinions on that leg. Last December I damaged my knee in a rugby accident. Went to A&E afterwards where I was diagnosed with a broken leg and put in plaster. Three days later and two consultants later I was out of the cast and in a knee brace. Turns out I had ligament damage, but it was really hard to see on the X-Rays and even an MRI scan because of all the swelling around the joint. Ice it like there’s no tomorrow and keep it elevated to reduce swelling.

I ended up having a knee reconstruction (ACL) at the end of April. I was riding my first 2006 race in July. I’ve just started light running (trotting more like) now and hope to be back on the rugby field by late November.

An operation isn’t actually a bad thing! The recovery time from the original accident, to get the swelling down and walking again without crutches was much longer than the recovery time after the operation itself.

ohh mate a tea tray crash bad luck!! but its kinda funny to you nutter!!

good luck with geting better and ready for next year