Searching forums

Just being trying to find a few things using the search function but it seems a bit limited.
Mainly I’m wondering if there’s there any way to search specific forums/sections when using the advanced search function.

Also, if I click on ‘Recent Posts’ I see all the recent posts but it doesn’t show which forum/section they were posted in.
Is there a way to view which section each thread or search result is in?

if you click on search there is an advanced option there.

Yeah I found that, but it doesn’t give you an option for searching a specific forum, like ‘general chat’ or ‘questions & answers’, as far as I can see.
Plus, when you get the search results, it doesn’t tell you which forum each result is from.
Am I missing something?

There will be a new forum soon. It should solve a lot of problems.

Okay, cool. It wasn’t so much a complaint as me trying to figure out if I’d just missed something obvious :slight_smile:

Nah not a problem mate. Just thought I’d let you know it isn’t going to be a problem for long :).