Searching for a link on an LB members sign off

As in the title, someone has a link to a journey they did on bikes in Italy with some good photos and write -ups, we were reading it then lost it again.

Can anyone help with who it is?


Perchance either of those two? :

Thanks for those Chris, but no, this was a couple who went to Italy and celebrated the lady’s birthday there. The photos were in a link at the end of their post. They only posted recently but we can’t remember their name:ermm:

are you sure it was on here Julie,think it might be the other forum. Would’nt steak my life on it though…

I think you might be talking about ‘us’ ->

We are stilling finishing the write up of the trip by the way :wink: We where at Ace Cafe on Saturday with spere aka Schubert :wink:

well written report and good looking site :slight_smile:

Thanks very much Leppierider - that is exactly what we were searching for:) We are off to Italy in a couple of weeks and were having a quick peek at your photos and write-up.

Sorry we didn’t have a chance to chat when we saw you with Schubert on Saturday - we were rushing off to buy supplies for our trip.

Looks like you had a good time. We’re not camping but taking the youth hostel option for a few days. Will let you know how we get on:D

Ha ha no - we knew it couldn’t be “them” as they think an exciting trip out ends at Box Hill:D:D

…says the man who pinched their route to the Sammy Miller Museum :hehe::stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for your kind words on our site, must confess that my wife was the writer :wink: Italy is fantastic and we both really enjoyed it ( especially the Ducati test roads ).

Safe journey to you both and would love to hear how it went. Watch out for the ‘crazy panda drivers’ :wink:

Perhaps we will meet properly at a meet and Schubert can introduce us next time! :wink:

Thanks for the kind words steveCBR11XX… as below my wife was the writer for most of it :wink: