Sean Emmett Race School

Hi peeps,

I’m helping Sean Emmett start up his business as a track coach, and as such I’m letting you guys know that you can hire him as your own personal coach for a track and date of your choice.

Have a look at the initial website we’ve put together for more information and let us know if this is something you’d be interested in doing. I’m confident that we can negotiate a special rate for LBers seeing as both Sean and I are members.

If anyone also has any feedback on the website or any ideas we’d be very grateful. The website is provisional until we have bought a domain and found someone to design the proper site.

Thanks all and keep it shiny side up :smiley:

That looks like an interesting one…

One comment on the website, do you need a guestbook and a forum? one sort of cancels out another… I would probably ditch the forum just becuase it is a toughie to maintain, if you could expand the guestbook so that Sean can respond to peoples notes there, that would give a bit of interactivity…?

Good luck with that :slight_smile:

Great stuff!I would suggest the following improvements for the website to take it to the next level and give it a pro finish:- Get a domain name, i.e., use a professional cms (content management system) like Wordpress, that way you can make use of existing templates and customising a great looking one with minimal effort and have a very polished look.

Get a twitter account, plug that into the Wordpress site to allow short and sweet updates from a mobile, increasing the marketing potential, create buzz and get frequent and fresh content onto the site.

Post up lots of photos you take with a mobile phone. There’s a ton of Wordpress plugins to facilitate this. The more hype and the more content you can get online, the better your marketing impact will be and the more eyeballs you will have coming your way.

Link in videos from YouTube and the like, they can be embedded straight into blog postings. All this stuff doesn’t have to take much time for Sean to maintain, but it’ll make for a sticky experience.

Don’t worry about a Guestbook, that’s so 1992, and a forum is too high maintenance and people will tire of it quickly as it’s too specific, instead promote comments on posts and look at other community plugins that allow people to see who’s on the site. Again there’s a ton of Wordpress plugins to allow this.

And secondly, get some advertising with us to promote all this when done to give a huge boost to the marketing and to support LB. That said, this is cool due to the Poker help! Hope this helps…

Thanks for the responses so far, these comments are exactly what we need and are so grateful. Jay - all that is a bit above and beyond what I’m probably capable of doing. I’ve just thrown together the free website for the time being and we have already checked the domain name as being available so we just need to buy it. Which I will do. In terms of building the site and bedding in the wordpress stuff that all means nothing to me as my technophobia tends to kick in early on. Will PM you.

Hi there
I remember Sean from many years ago when we worked at Point to Point couriers in Woking (another life!), …& I’ve been watching Sean’s exploits on the track over the years.
I now run my own web & design business and wondered if you ever got his race school site completed?
The previous poster was quite right; WordPress is probably the best (& best value) CMS out there, with a wealth of functional plugins and template designs avialble, to put together a professonal site.
Let me know if Sean wants a site built at mate’s rates - happy to put something together (can also do domain names, email accounts, hosting, newsletters etc)

Best regards
Al Cain
Ex-rider of a plastic maggot (& the vans) out of Vale Farm Road.

Nice response time!

He was a courier:w00t: