SE newbie

Hi Guys,
just a quick one to say hello. I’m Sergio, moved to South East London from Italy some 3 years ago.
Biking history: owned an old Honda 400 Supersport (CB400F-1975: yes, the pretty four-in-one sort) from 1996 to 2005 - used it almost every day!
Had to give it away as it was braking down every two corners and I didn’t have the right place and experience to mend it myself. It was hard to convince myself to let her go (bikes are strictly females in Italy), but it was for the best: a collector bought it and he’s certainly looking after her better than me.
As a replacement, I’ve bought a Kawa ER-5, at the time money was short. Good for commuting, but not really the sort of bike you’ll enjoy on long trips.
I’ve got a brand new ER6f last Saturday :D.
I’ll use it to commute 3-4 days a week and hopefully to explore extensively this big island of yours.
Sorry guys, no picture yet.

I’ve discovered LB after a few weeks in London, this is the reason why I’m posting now: I can’t tell you how useful this site has been for me. Coming from abroad I had loads of things to find out: from where to find a good workshop to unwritten dos and don’ts.
I’ve found 98% of the info I needed in here and enjoyed my time as well. Well done to all the people involved, the admins and the whole community, this place really IS remarkable, and I should thank you all for it.

Sadly, me and my GF are both lazy and very busy: a bad combination! Means we don’t have plans to hang out and meet you guys in the immediate future. Apologies! I might post a question or comment every now and then, though.


Hopefully you meant a pic of you and not the ER6f! :w00t:

Welcome to LB :smiley:

Welcome to LB, Congrats on the new bike,

In time you might get chance to meet, or go on one of the ride outs. till then ride safe:D

Hi and welcome aboard.

Thanks Guys, I’ll take a picture (of my beautiful new bike! :unsure: ) and place it on my profile when the sun shows up again.

Welcome to LB mate!:slight_smile:

Welocom to LB :slight_smile: