SDOC 100 Products

Dont know if anyone else uses them , but they doing a BOGOF which works out quite good :

used their chain cleaner, very impressive

their chain lube is really really good… :slight_smile:

for cleaning the bike i use nothing but S-DOC, but i dont use the wax lube, HATE wax and dry lubes because they are ****! and eventually they bung your chain up, unless your an OCD cleaner like PJ.

motul chain paste…da bollox! but yeh the S-DOC power chain cleaner is damn good.

How long will that 150ml tube last you in terms of miles? Looking to do some touring and that will definitely be more compact than a rattle can to carry around and if your giving it a good review I’m happy to use it.

no idea to be honest, its like fuel and MPG…no idea! i just get on and ride the bitch:D

i prob do my chain i dunno once a week, maybe twice every 2-3 weeks, no idea what milage, depends where i go, so long as its feels lubed on touch its good to go no?

its like the white grease thats on a new chain, then its goes dark on the chain, you get a first initial fling after apllying it but after that its mustard.

what i like about is the no fling, yet chain looks and feels oiled, plus it stays on, even after several wet riding days the chains still good.

its £7.49 a tube with the brush applicator, good dry chain lube £9.99 -£14.99…no brainer for me!:slight_smile: