Scumbags eyeing up your satnav...

I was going up Cromwell road earlier, and at some lights a few bikes were there, plus me, some cars, and a few pikeys on pushbikes. You know when you see an adult, riding a pushbike in the manner of a teenager - it usually signifies a chav or druggie-sort. Well this geezer was obviously your druggie type, cycling round looking for easy crime. Anyway, I’m posting this to warn you all to be alert - cos I noticed this obvious tealeaf gawping at my satnav which I had stuck to my speedo. He was off to the side and not in a suitable position to grab it and run but I’m 99% sure he would have done if he’d had the opportunity. When he saw my satnav his eyes were practically on stalks - I’m sure he was salivating at the tenner wrap the satnav would be traded for.

Anyway nothing happened but it’s the first time I’ve noticed this so I’m saying to those of you with satnavs and stuff stuck to your bars - be aware of chavs whwen you’re at traffic lights etc cos I’ve a feeling this’ll be the next mini crime this wankers will be doing

my satnav as it was mounted:

Maybe he was a gay type and was eyeing you up - there in your tight sweatied up leathers with your bulging muscly bits and handlebar muffs on the Cromwell Road… :kiss: