Scruffy ignition key area

Hi folks, thinking of buying a bandit and already thinking of ways of tidying it up. Saw it at BAT motorcycles yesterday. Just have to pass my big test. Have all my fingers crossed.

The area around the ignition key is very scruffy and just wondering if anyone has any tips on how to tidy it up.


chuck one of these on…

ive got the same issue with my bandit - got a K6 650 though so nobody seems to do a yoke cover :frowning:

I have managed to get 90% of the ‘damage’ off using white spirit and maguiars metal polish though - The grease and dirt went with the white spirit and the finer scratches took half an hour and some elbow grease…

For future refrence on ANY bike, i’ll use just a single key where possible or fit a yoke cover the day i collect it!!

If you have a favourite auntie who is handy with a crochet hook you can always get her to knock you up one of these.:slight_smile:

You can alter the colour of the flowers to either match or contrast with your bike’s colour scheme:)

PM me if you want the pattern;):smiley:

Thanks folks.

Think I might give the crochet cover a miss though, doesn’t match the frills on the seat. :slight_smile:

there is a company out there who will make you a yoke cover if you send an accurate rubbing/trace of your top yoke.

cant remember there name though, lol.

Great, thanks cho.

Why not get a tube of autosol and kill your thumbs polishing the bastard? :smiley:

Or use an electric toothbrush :wink:

Solvol autosol and electric toothbrush sounds good to me.


cant beat a good finger, well thats what my girlfriend says…

solvol needs a finger and a rag and a bit of elbow grease, toohbrush for difficult places only…

Where is the fun in that?

Slap on the Hammerite:D

Ah but I’m from the genus lazeyous bastardious :smiley:

Could just spray it I suppose.

Will mark so easily then though.

Might look at making some sort of cover myself. Fine checker plate or sommat!!