Scrubbing in tyres

I’m picking up my bike later on and it should have a new rear tyre.
What’s the best way to scrub it in, and what to look out for?

For road riding on most types of tyre, just be slightly wary of wet and cold conditions (particularly when braking hard - esp on smooth surfaces like painted lines - and cornering) for about 2 or 3 miles. This should get some heat into the tyre and use the first layer of rubber. Obviously the more tyre you use while cornering, the more of it will be worn in. Hence care with cold and wet conditions.

Just “take it easy” for a few miles :slight_smile:

What Gab said, or grab a handful of front break along with a handful of throttle?:smiley:

nailing it to Norfolk on the on rideout seemed to do the trick for mine :wink:

So let’s hope the weather stays clear for a few more hours :slight_smile:

A good 30 mins of tyre warming will also help :hehe:

No getting yer knee down today!

I always do about 50-70 miles taking it easy, on a dry day I ride as if it is wet,on a wet day as if it is icy.
After 50 mile of that it seems pretty well bedded in and ride as normal.

Progressively give the bike more lean. I tend to try and keep my weight more central on the bike, leaning it more than usual for a given speed to get as far over the new rubber, without putting it under pressure at higher speeds leaning off alittle as I would normally. Give it alittle beans on the exit of corners to be sure :smiley:

we had a guy in the shop who asked us to scrub the tyres in for him before he picked the bike up!!

its was sandpaper or 40 mile spin on a superduke…

hummm maybe i could start a pre scrub tyre service :slight_smile:

I scrub my tyre`s for about 50 miles.

What your trying to scrub is the release agent used to get the tyre out of the mould. In reality its gone within a few miles - on the patch you are wearing at the time, so lean progressively.

You can take left hand bends for 100 miles, but as soon as you hit a right hand, your back on the release agent and your off. Tip toe for 25 miles max on varying roads and your good to go.

Whats critical in terms of potential failure is the heat cycles, in particular for a tubeless tyre. It needs to get a few heat cycles in it before you can guarantee that its made friends with your wheel rims.


Thanks for the tips,

I only had about 30 miles before it got dark, so will try to get most of the dry weather tomorrow.
It wasn’t as scary as I maybe thought it would be, but haven’t scrubbed the sides too much. Will work on that tomorrow :wink:

wot adz said, get the sand paper out :smiley:

but NOT wire wool ok