Scrotes !

Just got off the phone with the Old Bill… Saw about 7-10 lads pass the front of my house with what looked like a KTM Superduke with no plates !!

It took them 10 mins to complete the call and then they said they will try and get someone out to find them !!!

I am hoping that I am wrong and the lads have all contributed towards the bike but think not in this case !!

With a young family at home, did not want to approach them!

Hope they recover it and it goes back to the owner !

You should have said you thought one had a gun… Guarantees an immediate, effective response.

No gun, as it may get you in a bit of heat.

Though weapons and threatening behavior to other roads users will get similar responses. I’m pretty sure if they managed to get hold of a KTM that was probably well locked up they have tools that they’re willing to use as weapons.