Scrotes attempted theft

Massive commotion was going on outside my house a little earlier, and when I looked out one bloke was taking on a few little shits, with a mate on a scooter with a balaclava on.
Neighbours all started to come out, so I went out to see what was going on.
Turns out the bloke was having dinner at his aunts and when they looked out of the window his scooter was gone.
He rushed out and the bike was on the floor and the group of youths were briskly walking away…
When he was rowing with them one pulled a hammer out on him, just as an unmarked police car pulled round the corner and in front of about 25 neighbours…
Really hope the old bill got the wankers!
First I have seen of this here…but doubt it will be the last.

Good to hear that so many neighbours got involved. 

You needed Thor to appear and say “Now this is a hammer!” Crocodile Dundee stylee…

Wow, that sounds like an absolute fubar situation.

Yes, it was good to see that there are still many people around that dont just hide and pretend they havent seen anything.

Just hope the police do something.  I am 100% certain that the very same crew have been riding up and down our street for the past week or so, sometimes riding two-up with the kid on the back with no helmet on either.

I think the guy actually did well not to take a crow bar to their heads tbh…

Keep us informed of the outcome on here please (on this thread).