some dirty little scrote in a bmw reversed into my bike while it was parked. broke my clutch lever and rear footpeg bracket. then drove off.I informed the police,went to the police station and picked up self accident form. picked up car and went back.found bmw phoned police.went to meet police and show them the car but it gone …they check on computer and it not registered to anyone…head of residents says he lives in the estate but dont know where. police tell me not to look for car as there happens to be a gun problem in this estate …they not realise that i going to **** up his life…

Sorry to hear that mate - hacks me off no end when I hear this stuff - what makes these people think they can do what they like. There is a real problem with these ******s being under the law - they get caught and its like par for the course - we get done and its like majir drama and they make an example of you…

Best of luck sorting this out!

Slash his tyres

Bad luck Joe All the best in finding the scroat, though becareful, it aint worth risking yourself for a £10 lever, eh.

As I say, ‘Bloody Minded W*****s’.

another case of the police being really really helpful then!!!


So if the Police having been told whats happened by Joe, check the motor and then find out that this vehicle has ‘markers’ on it and is known to be involved in Firearms crime … or … there is intell to suggest that persons using this vehicle on this estate have access to firearms then you’d be quite happy for them not to say a word to Joe and let him approach the car ???

Thought not !

No offence mate, but you don’t know what the exact circumstances in this warning to Joe was and I have no doubts that they probably wouldn’t tell Joe the full reasons either.

Don’t be so quick to judge, I’m sure you’d be upset if you saw someone judging all bikers by the actions of one or two as well.

Joe, sorry to hear about this mate. PM me the estate name and the registration if you don’t mind.

That’s mighty helpful Trojan and you’re right opinion shouldn’t be judged on independent actions. I think the police issued the warning because of the estate not the car as that registration came up with nowt (registered to no-one) so I think they wouldn’ve been a bit more eager to come down if it was gun involved when Joe was sitting on its bonet the second time he found it. The estate is basically full of pikeys and places like that always attract guns so I think the car and estate association was just a general one and a general warning.

Joe going after them is really not smart dude they will shoot or knife you and not give it a second thought, you have got a lot more to lose than £10.00 and if the worse was to happpen all you’ll hear from the police if your alive to hear it will be ‘sorry but the fu***ing CCTV was not working’

Ill lend you the tenner and I know its not a matter of money

BACK AGAIN… Have you noticed CCTV camera’s you know the ones on high street that help keep joe public safe or might just help find a criminal are never working/fake but every damn bus lane, gatso or parking camera works just fine… why is that ?


Have you asked the Local Authority (Council) who put them up, run them and pay for them ?

Hint … 99% of them have nothing to do with Police Mate. Though they are used as much as poss in the investigation / prevention of crime.

I have asked the Council’s answer I got was ‘Really they don’t work, thats odd I saw them spinning around this morning, are you sure they don’t work Mr Artist’