Screwed on the A3...

So, this afternoon on the way to Surrey to meet with family, somewhere along the A3, I picked up an unwelcome passenger in the form of a wood screw (at least the screw head seems to indicate it). I’m not too keen on riding into work (then lunch time go to mechanic), so is anyone around Southwark/Surrey quays around that might have a tyre repair kit I could borrow tonight?


I work close by and im at work but heading out over north london. Back about 11.30pm. Can you drop by then?

Im at London Bridge

Yeah sure that would be great! It’ll save me a load of hassle tomorrow. Cheers! I’ll PM you my number.

Damn it, I thought this was going to be a welcome return for the Adult section!

Hope you got un-screwed. :hehe:

Did it hold out long enough for you to get it plugged properly?

Held out long enough. Went to FWR during my lunch break, they plugged it up (after much waiting) and tyre is now good for another 5000 miles. Thanks for all the offers of help everyone I really appreciate it!!

Good stuff. What do you ride btw? Isn’t a yellow suzuki is it?

Nows the time to get a repair kit and stick it under your seat. :slight_smile: