Screw S.O.S. Recovery

So while I was lying mangled on the road the police made me get my bike rescued from the scene because it was leaking “petrol” on the road. I had a look and told them it’s just water because the radiator is damaged. They said still if it’s “fluids” I will need to get the bike recovered from the scene. I was too much in shock and pain to argue with them and told them to recover the bike back to my house and asked them how much this would cost. They said “about 150 pounds”.

Later they said “we can’t recover the bike to your house because somebody might steal it from there” (yeah right, steal a smashed up NTV that doesn’t even roll) and told me they took it to Camden Car Pound.

Today I ring the bloody recovery company and ask them to bring the bike, and the bill, to my house and they say it’s 273 pounds!!! ****ing hell I can hire a Man with a Van for days for that much money… just adds insult to injury, I suppose…

Sadly m8, you live and learn. I would recomend that any one out and about has some form of breakdown cover, beware though accident damage may not be included in some schemes. only way to be sure is comprehensive cover and breakdown!

Yup I have full AA cover and when I had a accident in my car they refused to recover me! Even though the car had a busted radiator so it was undrivable! To55ers!

The AA will not recover you in the event of an accident. The RAC will.

so where do SOS Recovery come in for flak here? I’m a bit lost.

Was anyone in at home? I can’t blame them if no-one was in.

sorry you’re having a hard time mate - that’s prob a bit harsh on S.O.S. to be fair. my flatmate didn’t have cover and had pay to do the same but fortunately i was with him and led the dude back and could take care of the bike for him. it is a complete git that when you are in that state the police can often be VERY pushy about the bike’s removal and its not like you’re in a good place to be dealing with it.

the costs/what they told you are pretty standard to be honest. the bike normally has be received by someone at the other end and signed for (be it a dealer/garage or getting a mate to take possession at the other end), otherwise they can’t prove that they have dropped it off.

definately check the small print about the cover for own fault accident recovery

another thing to be careful of is when you speak to the provider of the cover policy. if you have previously used the recovery service you need to be clear that the issue has been resolved, or it has at least looked at properly (by a garage). if you tell them its the same problem and you haven’t done the above they will not recover under the policy

IMHO cover is worth its weight in gold - have had to make use of it several times.

got to say the AA were brilliant when i got run over in Cumbria a few years back . They transported me and the bike back to Cambridge ( at 50mph allllll the way, with a very welsh man at the wheel it was a long ride :wink: &nbsp

Not sure what you mean by ‘a very welsh man’ Lee!

very loud and very proud , when all i wanted to do for 5 hours is lick my wounds and sleep :slight_smile:

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as previously stated, you will be able to claim the costs back if you were not at fault in your accident, so granted its an inconvienience but not the end of the world

if your complaint is about the difference in prices it is down to whoever told you the price, which you state was one of the coppers who isnt the person charging you

there is no car pound in camden

dont take this post the wrong way, but i dont understand your title?

good luck sorting the bike out

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