Screw pushbikers

So earlier today I swerve around a cloud of pushbikers wobbling up Charing Cross Road. One of them seems to aim for the filtering gap I plan on using to get to the front and I’m having none of it.

I maintain my position and force him to fall back. Didn’t touch him or anything.

Since I’m interested in making a quick getaway rather than getting stuck between a bendy bus and a taxi while he wobbles around in front of me, I had to insist on pole position.

Then, at the light he pulls in behind me and goes “Oi… you nearly knocked me off back there.”

I said, “Look, I didn’t nearly knock you off, I didn’t even touch you. Getting nearly knocked off is very different. And once you stop running red traffic lights, I might give you a bit more respect.”

Light green, vroom, finished. Some nerve these [email protected]

I tend to let them go if they are alreadying going for it, its annoying but having been a cyclist before and whenever my bike is broken i know you dont have the power to get yourself out of trouble like we do.

After securing Pole Position did you finish on the rostrum?

Yesss!!! After a daring dash up Tottenham Court Road I crossed the line into Camden with 2 bike lengths lead.

I made a bit of an error of judgement this morning… pulled into a gap between two BT vans thinking I could get right the way past and up to the front of the traffic, forgetting that Trannie vans’ wing mirrors are at precisely the right height to foil my cunning plan.

So I paddled back a couple of steps just in case either of them decided to take my own wing mirror off, and bumped the front wheel of a bicycle. Felt guilty for all of a couple of seconds, but then couldn’t help tittering. The cyclist had a very puzzled look on his face when I checked my wing mirror. I think he thought I wanted to play

Having been stopped on the Tottenham court road, I would say any dash up it is quite daring.

Morning LB’s, now I know it’s not often I post (due to me only being online during work hours) but this morning yet again a 'kin cyclist f***s me up. I’ve had enough now, and I was worried that I may possibly offend someone by saying all cyclists are toe rags, but seeing someone else also has cylcist problems to hell with it.

But the best incident came the other morning as I was coming round Trafalgar Square on my way up Charing Cross Road, a Cyclist is in the middle of the right hand lane, coming from Whitehall turning towards Charing X (Not signalling or looking behind him at all) . So I think I’ll be nice and give him some time and space and as 2 lanes become 4 and I’ll filter left for the Charing X Road. He then decides that he is no longer going right and changes direction to the left again as I’m going past. Well he lets fly, you could have 'kin killed me, blardy blardy blar. Well I politely told him that maybe if he had looked and signalled before moving I would have been able to decide where he was going and moved round him. Anyway he weren’t having it so the only thing to do was give it the moving fist gesture and get on my way.

Then this morning again, just constantly getting cyclists not signalling or looking, riding 2 a breast. I’m sooo 'kin p’d of with them.

Cyclists are the lowest of the low. Give me white van man, and taxi man any day of the week.

I have just had an horrible experience with a cyclist!

The idiot just crossed my front and ended hitting his front wheel with my scooter. It bent so badly that he had to leave it there and then and carry his bike. he was very lucky that I didn’t hit his body!

The guy was wearing one of those hoodies, which to me is a prove that you have something to hide, in his case he was really ugly, so perhaps it was a complex… Anyway the bloddy hoody made his view so resctricted that if he wasn’t pointing his head to me he would never see me.

I would never expect to guy to just swerve in front of my like that without even look??? I was maybe 2 metres to the right of his bike which saved him of the impact. I didn’t know if I asked him if he was ok? Or I should punch him to make sure he was hurt!

It has ruined my day obvioulsy! Irresponsible idiot!

I think it’s an all too common occurence.

We have to do CBT’s and Direct Access, where if you so much as miss 1 life saver (cyclists note, it’s called that for a reason) we fail. Yet cyclist seem to be able to jump on 2 wheels (granted not motorised but none the less dangerous for other road users) and ride freely from lane to lane the wrong way down 1 way streets (forgot to say also nearly got taken out by someone doing this yesterday), through red lights with out a worry in the world due to no Number plates or licenses.

I reckon it should be compulsary that if you are to ride in the congestion zone that you should have to complete the cycling profishamejig, and have something on your bike to disply you have. (Yeah I know there’s no way of imposing this or policing it) but I’m learning to dispise cyclists so much that I want them to fall off (No serious injuries though). Bad thing to say I know , but maybe the only way they’ll learn.

Anyway rant over…

Not to nit pick, but you can actually miss three life savers before you fail your bike test, if you get four or more then you fail.

But I agree, cyclists are a menace, more so coz they’re the only ropad users that we can actually hurt more than ourselves if we have a crash with them. They should all have to do a proficiency course especially in london.

Saying that cycling is a good way to get fit, and I am thinking about taking it up as the weather’s nice (occassionally!).

So if anyone sees a really unfit girl on a bicycle, wearing a helmet, in the Harrow area, please try and avoid me, and I’ll try and avoid you!

wife suugested I buy a bicycle to get fit but I have decided she just wants the insurance money.