Screw in my back tyre

After having a good session in the gym I came home to clean my bike. As I was cleaning it I saw a big screw in my back tyre…damn!:angry: I tried to take it out - I know I shouldn’t - all the pressured air started to come out of the hole…so I put the screw back in…As it is sunday I can not take it anywhere…now I have to wait until next saturday to get it sorted. A little pissed off :crying: Do you think it should be fine to ride to a nearest garage with the screw in the tyre?

I hope your day was better than mine…

You should be ok to ride on it at low speed (nothing over 35/40mph), just remember to put some more pressure in it before you set off.

A good way of seeing if it is losing pressure is to spray it with a bit of soapy water and watch for bubbles. Don’t overdo it on the soap! Just a drop or two in a spray bottle will do the job. :slight_smile:

Finally, if it is leaking, try putting a slightly bigger screw in it. :wink:

Good luck! :smiley:

It’s possible IME to ride with 10psi (roughly a quarter of the usual pressure depending on tyre size). Obviously you won’t be getting your knee down but you can poodle along for a short trip to the tyre shop.

I love the “pump it up to the max and ride like a bat out of hell to essential” mission!

grab a can of tyre foam from your local garage, it’ll maintain the pressure in the tyre and get you to the tyre fitters.

mentioned you’ve used it to them, they’re sometimes grumpy about it as they have to hose the tyre when they plug it

If you got Home cover with the RAC/AA you can call them to get it plugged :smiley:

How far away is your nearest tyre garage from your home? I have ridden my bike with a completely flat tyre to my local one on several occasions, but I am lucky as my nearest garage is 500 yards away :smiley:

If it’s in a tread block rather than a groove (“sype” in tyre parlance) and in flush, stick a push bike tyre repair patch over it. They’re good for about ten miles at sensible speeds.

Thanks so much for your advices. I was thinking about riding straight to the garage but it is 10 miles away to where I live. I might be calling green flag to see what they can do…I suppose this will safer option.

I have been advised if the inner tube is punctured I will be looking at a new tyre as inner tube is not repairable…Is that true?

What bike do you have?? Most are tubeless (unless you have a spoked Bonnie?)

So there should be no issue over tubed inner! Plug it and ride it. You can get a plugging set from Hein Gericke or most decent bike shops -costs circa £18-£25.

Had a lovely huge screw in my rear tyre a while back while riding down Embankment towards Chelsea Harbour. Started feeling very wobbly on the bike and slowed right down even to the point that pushbikes overtook me. Made it to a service station which was 2 miles away crawling along Embankment. When I got off I was amazed that I was literally driving on the rim - the tyre was completely deflated. Damn lucky the tube did not jump off the wheel. Got a completlely new rear tyre now though - in case I damaged the inner structure.

I have a 2009 Sportster Iron…I think you are right. The tyre should be tubeless. I will double-check anyway.:slight_smile: