Screen for Naked Bikes


I have the attached screen that’s currently on my CB-1 that I don’t need. Keeps the wind off nicely but I prefer the naked look plus that way, I don’t go so fast too. :smiley: Not that I can go ‘that’ fast on a CB-1!

I’m not sure if it’s slightly tinted or not but it kind of looks it. Anyway, in good condition and will supply with the little arms bits that makes it a simple job to fix to your bike. :slight_smile:

£20 collected from SW17 Tooting.


Heh heh…just looking at my own advert and with that picture, someone could think I’ve just lifted the cover off a random bike and am selling it’s screen.:smiley:

I assure you, it’s mine. Unfortunately. I wish I had a decent bike i.e. a better one.

wot make screen is it?

Puig. Sorry, should have said.

i never get why someone would buy a naked bike and thn put a screen on it :Whistling:

Because sometimes it’s worth going faster…

I took mine off because on my GSR the light reflected badly onto the screen hitting me straight in the eyes… Not a problem in the day but riding at night on unlit roads was a big no no

I’m excused. I bought the bike with it on.:stuck_out_tongue:

ooh, tempting.
ive got one that looks similar, but not see-through (black).
if anyone would rather an opaque one i can sell it for £15 on the basis that this one is available to replace mine. (ive had to replace the bolts on it after the old ones fell out - loc tighted now).

it came with the bike, but i want it as i commute up a motorway, and like to be able to sit at 80 without being blown off.

Is this what you have in mind?

see i never found that a problem… can easily go at that speed for long stretches with no screen

isn’t that because honda designed your clocks to push the air around you. (well thats what i heard in a review of your bike)

and PM sent :cool:

nah it’s because the air finds the bike so ugly it runs away from it… :stuck_out_tongue:

hahaha :stuck_out_tongue: