Screeching noise during bike starting up

Hey all,

I currently own a CBR125R '55 and am getting it part exchanged on the weekend. Unfortunately since last weekend, the bike has developed a kind of screeching when it is first turned on. But, if the bike has been running for anything over 5 minutes or been thrashed around for a little bit, the bike will not have this screeching as long as it stays reasonably warm. E.g. killing the ignition and reigniting the bike will not demonstrate the same screeching.

Now, the only recent things that have changed was a recent service and the temperatures plummeting. Now, my mind is telling me that it is most likely the cold as the bike will stop doing it once it has run warm with the choke for a while. But the other side of me thinks something has been adjusted in the service and is causing the issue. (Although the issue only developed a week later)

What do you guys think? Service or weather? Concern for selling the bike or something that could be overlooked? (E.g. I keep the bike warm before the dealer turns up and hope for the best)

Thanks All


P.S Might post a video when I get the chance

Put some oil in it :cool:

…but seriously, check the oil :blink:

Cheers dude. Perhaps I shouldn’t put complete faith in my garage :-\

I would suggest yougo back to the garage and ask then what exactly they did when they serviced your bike.

i would say oil too, 1ce warmed up oil is going around engine but not at start

Got the space of 3 days and this bad weather unfortunately so going to have to wing it by the looks of things

Sorry that was in reply to Celty

happen to me,paid for service, oil change filter and more once they dropped bike at my place realized that is no oil. :crazy:

put some oil in it and hope it’s not making the noise when taking it to part-x

everyone tells him to put some oil in, no one told him to actually check the oil level first…


check it and if low (or none) have a massive go at the dealer…and have them sort it out…

Ahem… :smiley: :cool:

I thought it was a signature…I didn’t even read it…not my fault…lol

Sounds like an oil problem, check the level and the viscosity

If I was a gambling man I’d wager it had a straight SAE30 or SAE40 oil put in at the service. Ask the garage what oil they put in, query it and tell them the problem you’re experiencing. With the recent cold snap the oil viscosity is important especially if its a street kept bike. It needs a 10W/40 motorcycle oil.

I use and recommend Castrol Power 1 4T 10W/40 part synthetic motorcycle engine oil in Art juniors CG125, works a treat and only £9.99 off the shelf in Halfords :wink:

Nice avatar pic mate

Maybe it’s the fan belt :hehe: