hey all

was admiring me bike again during a smoke break at work, i noticed a sh*tload of small scratches, may have been when i cleaned it, used a normal cloth cos i couldnt find me chammy, possible i have made the marks? but im not sure?

will they t-cut out? its either that or leave it or while then…Rizla SV rep!!:w00t::smiley:

cant see them from a few feet away but you can see them close up, bit pissed off about it, but then i do aim to keep the sv so s’pose i shouldnt worry to much!:hehe:

was just about to post a similar topic Ratty but there’s a post called OTT clean that kind’ve answered my questions.

My 10 is scratched where my leathers run agianst the tank. I thinking about getting stomp grips just to hide the tram lines all over it

yeah i get that too mate, thinking about stomp grips my self…:wink:

ill have a look at the other post:D

To get the fine scratches out, try some Meguiars Scratch-X. I’ve used it before on cars and bikes and it takes light scratches and swirl marks out of the paint quite well.

Once you’ve used the Scratch-X then just give the area a going over with some good quality polish :slight_smile:

cheers for the tips dude! has got swirly paintwork, expected i suppose i use it to commute everyday!:w00t:

ditto and ditto

anyone know any stockists of stomp grips in London?
might buy some this weekend

I got some stompgrips from Essential Rubber when I had my 675 in black. may po up for more this weekend

me too, tommrrow possibly then go for a blast!:smiley: