Scratcher43 - racing crash

I don’t remember seeing any posts about this previously so thought I’d just add a little one for those who know or have met Scratcher43 (Seb).During a race late in the season at Cadwell Park he had a massive accident. He’s now recovering back in Surrey following lots of surgery (a titanium cheekbone - pretty cool huh :cool: ).

I’m not sure whether he has been reading LB in hospital, but just in case… get well soon and don’t give up on the racing!

Strewth, not good, glad he’s making a good recovery - that must have hurt bad :pinch:


That sounds like a very near death experience

Glad he’s ok, and should recover fully

All the best mate


That’s gotta sting:pinch:

All the best for a speedy recovery in time for next season.

:pinch: Crikey - that was nasty.

All the best to him :slight_smile:

Bloody hell, that’s one beating. Get well soon fella!!

damn, hope he recovers well

Just happened by the article posted by Mad… Hope for a full and speedy recovery!

They say if you’re not crashing you’re not trying. I’d say you were trying harder than most :pinch:

Speedy recovery mate :slight_smile:

Horrendous accident, wish you a full and speedy recovery mate.

You’ll be back on two wheels in no time with your determination and fighting spirit to get back racing:cool:

GWS soon fella.

GWS Scratcher

hi all and cheers for the messages. been 6 weeks since the ‘oopsie’ that was a complete freak accident that i hope no one else ever has happen to them.

i’m in an elec wheelchair at the mo which absolutely sucks but at least i’m out of hospital. I might even get to try walking in a few weeks time. My arm still has multiple fractures but these are held by the 4 metal plates and over 30 screws in my arm :hehe: so should be back to normall in a year or so. As for bikes i’ll be racing asap but now with no bike only a pile of scrap metal its gonna be mid to end of next season before i can get out and taste sweet victory again.

thanks again peeps.

All the best mate for a speedy recovery, great attitude, sure you will be back out on the track soon enough!

Can you get yer knee down in the electric? :w00t:

no knee down but she wheelies like a beast!!! :D:P:w00t:;):cool:

just don’t tell my surgeon!!:wink:

nice one!! secrets safe with me… Humm, electric, uprate the battery, maybe fit some Lithium batteries a la killacycle…yeah…

This is the 3rd time I’ve seen/heard a discussion about making a wheelchair more ‘fun’… maybe it should have it’s own thread? :stuck_out_tongue:

jeez thats a big crash, and you was doing so well, GWS and get back on it fella:D

Quick update… I CAN WALK!! Finally getting there. Arm isn’t quite straight but i’m putting weight on slowly but surely and am determined to make the first race of the new season next year on a new bike with a new club. Start afresh i reckon :wink:

Nice one - back walking again… well til you get as far as the student bar :wink:

You should have come to the NEC - you, in an electric shopping buggy, with your reputation… :w00t: that would have been something to see!