Scratch on Tank

Sh!t. it had to happen sooner or later. I always check but I must have missed it - a little metal piece stuck to the bottom of my magnetic tank bag, slap it on the tank… take it off an hour a later, and DANG. SCRATCH.

Can anybody advise what best to do? There is a small piece of painting splintered off, and I was wondering if I should put something on their to avoid it from rusting? Is that necessary?


its not a scratch… its “urbanized”…

Its sounds deep can you see the metal or just the primer?

If you want it to look mint again then you will need a pro to sort it out…

Bike medic or someone like that.

other wise you could rub it back a bit and touch it up your self.


i can see the metal. will go to infinity in clapham and see if they have a good solution.

i am less worried about looking mint again. i just want to make sure it doesnt get worse (i.e. rust or similar)

By an MCN in the MCN Mart section they have guys that will come to your home or work and fix the lil mishaps you’ve had.

Da Artist

Put a sticker over the top of it.

In future put summat under your mag bag, bit of cloth of summat.

Great Idea John