Fitted a Scottoiler to my Sprint RS this morning. Took me about an hour all together and it was straightforward. I love working on a bike that is so well put together and all the bits go back smoothly.:smiley:

Got the oiler up and running smoothly and I can now forget about lubing the chain for now. I’ll still give it a good clean every month though. I’ve had them on 3 of my bikes now and they have improved the chain life on all of them. Easy to fit and not too difficult to tune to the right drip rate.

Yup Agree with you there ,had one on my XT660 for a year and a half ,chain looked new still,its now fitted to my Triumph scrambler .

Fitted a new chain and sprockets over the weekend (well…my mehcanic Ricky did :P) this is next on my shopping list, I am too lazy with the chain lubing!

Highly recommended bit of kit, I have over 24K my on mine and I have never had to adjust it. Obviously it has been done during services and tyre changes but every time I have checked it is A OK. According to the adjustment marks on the swingarm it is new.