Scottoiler parts - wanted

Does anyone have an old Scottoiler lying about that they never use?

I’ve just replaced the reservoir on my set up and now noticed that the metal tube which directs the oil onto the chain has gone missing, therefore if it drips it’s only going to be onto the road and not onto the chain, which is pretty useless for the chain and slightly dodgy for me or anyone following me…

If anyone has a spare of this bit of pipe, or an old kit they don’t mind parting out let me know.

Thanks. :smiley:

try a football pump adapter. might be wide enough for what you need

ive got 3 rubber ones, got them from scotoiler ( and cost next to nothing you should be able to get the metal one from them. you want a rubber one instead?

That’s the one, if you’ve got a spare that would be great fella, cheers! :slight_smile:

I have actually just found them on their website, they are only £2.50 for two so may well purchase a couple as spares anyway, they are designed to be lost should they get caught in the chain/sprocket.

Whereabouts are you Kato?

yeah they’re dirt cheap and they were super quick with delivery. im in north london if you’re near or i work just off tottenham court road in the week (not sure if i’ll be at BM this week)