Scottoiler - how long to fit


I had my bike (Kwak ER-6F) go through its first 600 mile service last week and ask the dealer to fit a scottoiler (I ride every day of the year and won’t check the chain regular like so it seems the best option for me).

Anyway dealer (well known outfit right next to Vauxhall) fits a scotoiler and charges me an hours labour - so how long should I expect a professional dealer to take to fit one.

I think I’ve been shafted but want to confirm before I tear the salesman a new A**hole. Oh and they were supposed to fit some mushrooms (that should have been done before I picked up the bike but forgot).

I could live with an hour for the bungs and oiler. But an hour for just the oiler - fugging bandits or am I talking b****xs?

why would you want to pay dealer for that ? ask someone here on forum to jelp you! for the price of the 1h labur form the dealer you will buy nice lunch for both of you, have a good time and possibly make a friend. easy as that:)

As you said…hour for bungs and scottoiler would seem fair enough. Presume they will fit the bungs for free??

I would have done the S/O myself, they have very good instructions and backup support if you get in trouble. Relatively straight forward to fit. Placement and pipe routing is the awkward part…:w00t:

depends on how neat the installation is - if they’ve bothered to hide the pipe / nozzle, then it can take a while.

If, as is usual, they just chuck it on, then it doesn’t take any more than 1/2 an hour including priming the doodad.

Either way, they’ll probably charge an hour for a part-hour, so makes no difference.


In hindsight I should have done it myself but my natural lazy tendancy won out.

I’ll get them to do the bungs FOC or do it myself and never use the thieving gits again.


To be fair, anybody with a bike shop will charge you an hours labour to fit one, that’s not unreasonable really, assuming they’ve done a good job. If they haven’t then discuss it with them and see if they can improve on it but calling them ‘thieving gits’ is a bit extreme because they charged you for fitting something :slight_smile:

Yep I was expecting to get charged for 1/2 hour for it. It’s not the neatest job I’ve ever seen though. I’ll try and take a pic and post it to seeif it’s just me or if anyone else agrees.

Thieving gits is probably harsh - but it is how I feel about the situation. I wanted to get a sense check from the forum before I went off on one.

Thanks all

I’ve started to do all my own servicing etc on my bike - when you can do stuff yourself its a good feeling! Saves time having to drop the bike in & possibly using the train for a day, saves money & gives you a sense of satisfaction when your bikes running sweet afterwards :slight_smile:

Be intersted in seeing the scotoiler pic, might install one myself cos like you I use my bike everyday and its easy to ignore lubing up the chain all the time!