Scott Oilers

Ok… So Last week I realised my new ride has a Scott oiler…

My chain is nice and lubed but the bottle is empty…

I was always under the impression that the bottle is filled by the overflowed engine oil, but other people have told me they have to be topped up…

With what?

Any particular oil?


Is it worth it?


Anyone else get annoyed when people neglect to do a quick google search?

Its not a case of NEGLECT its a case of wanting personal opinions… Where else am to get “trusted opinions” other than a forum I am already on!

What happened to your “quick google search”

Please show me the relevant results.,mod=9&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8

Now, take a look at the results of yours…

First link is a video showing you HOW.
Second is a forum similar to LB, with a post explaining refills, as is the third.
Fourth is Scottoiler themselves, where you can buy the refills.

I will not stand for someone insulting my google-fu.

I dont care if you stand for it or not…

i am simply asking LB as a forum if they are any good. If I wanted to google it i would.

P.s if you have a specific model try searching for that I,E GSXR400…0i13i10i30j0i13i5i30.17919.22445.0.25304.…0.0…1c.1004wXKID8I


If you do not like what I am saying then stop posting on my thread.

How long has Google been purple? Oh wait, that’s just me having read every page. I’m so silly.

Your telling me that in all thoses links you couldnt find your answer?:blink:Charlie Miller:satisfied:IT geek:smooooth:Works for dominoes:ermm:About to study motorcycles at lambeth college:Whistling:LOVES GOOGLE:kiss:and hates people asking questions on forums.:discuss:Im so sorry!:hehe:

Maybe I will try to expand my IT knowledge and learn to use google more.

Yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying.

What are you getting at here?

Cheers. We’d all appreciate that.

LB is not your personal google. Yes, we have personal experience but we also expect people to google simple questions.

I cant speak for all of LB, but i’m confident the majority would agree that this is better solved by google.

Now, to your answer, since you aren’t inclined to use google.

Yes, you need to refill scottoilers.

No, you should not use engine oil…Its too viscous.

It comes in two colours, different colours are for different climates. Red is for high temp, blue for standard.

Here is a fitting tutorial specific to the SV (may help tracing pipes and such)

And Here is a refilling tutorial.

Google isn’t hard.

P.S How did you buy a bike and only just realise it has a scottoiler?

My main question was are they worth it? (Hence why I cam to LB for some trusted opinions. not a long debate about google. but never the less thankyou for the answers you have provided!

When I bought the bike he said there was a scott oiler (he also said it had various other things and didnt have various other things) He himself couldnt even show me where it was, All he knew was he had a reciept to say one was fitted… I could see the pipe but it was dry.

Only after actually having a look under panels etc I have found it neatly tucked away (Empty).

That depends on how much effort you find it to lube a chain.

Normal chain lubing should be done minimum every 600 miles. That’s an absolute minimum.

I do mine once a week. Saturdays are bike days.

A scottoiler lets you avoid doing that by turning it into a very infrequent top-up.

You’ll find mixed opinions regarding whether or not people like them.

Some say its just lazy.
Some say they get oil on tyres (VERY DANGEROUS!)
Some say it protects the chain and sprocket, increasing their life whilst allowing them to forget about them.

Good Guy Columbo

My problem with the oiler is that you get lazy and don’t clean the chain. Also, if you do clean the chain, you don’t lube it as you expect the oiler to do it. The oiler only tops up the lube on the chain and not lube it from a fresh clean therefore you will be riding for a while on a dry chain.

Oilers take the maintenance focus away from one of the most important and dangerous aspects of maintenance of a bike.


I feel that I ought to point out that anyone using Google to research scott oilers, is unlikely to have had the patience to read through the first dozen posts. :wink:

OK back to the point as this could be a really long thread, go to your local motorbike shop and ask for scotoiler oil (around £7 per bottle) and fill the thing up. As one off the posts said still clean and lube frequently or it’s pointless having it fitted.
All the best John

jeez Columbo, being a bit cranky then?

I’ve never liked the idea of Scottoilers… I thought the whole point of lubing a chain was to clean it first and Scottoilers don’t…

But then again I have not googled this so don’t know if the above statement is true:hehe:

take it off and sling it away!! or take it off, store it in your garage for 5-10 years and then sling it away!!

In answer to the question:-

Scottoiler V System - pretty good - uses vacuum to start the oiling operation - gravity feed - if it is already fitted the hard work is done and it might be foolish not to make use of it. To fill the unit you take out the Vent tube and fill through the hole left behind in the unit.

Scottoiler E System - electronic control with pumped system - utterly useless ( I had three that did not work properly before I gave up, got my money back and bought a PD Oiler)

All chain oilers are messy - however the general consensus of opinion is that they extend the life of the chain & sprockets considerably.

Spray on Wax lubes are ok as long as you are prepared to clean the chain regularly - they tend to fling less but you end up with grinding paste on your chain (mix of dirt and Lube)

The chain actually stays cleaner because the oil flings - the dirt flings off with it.

Oil - Scottoiler is very expensive - chainsaw oil is a cheap good alternative or high viscosity gear oil EP80 /90 - Old engine oil will work but will fling everywhere!! - truly mean people have been known to use Vegetable Oil.

Not tried this yet but it is next on my list when I need more oil:-

No - it is what a friendly Forum is all about.