Scorpion Exo helmet

Bit of a long shot but does anyone happen to have a spare screw that holds the visor connector to the helmet on the scorpion exo. It’s a 500 but I’m sure all screws would be the same size. Mine has come off somewhere so my visor isn’t secure. I checked the internet for spares but they only seem to be in America. I need my helmet for the weekend!! :frowning:

Get a self tapping screw, not so long it goes into yer brain but a bit shorter.:wink:

You welcome

Cheers Jets,good thinking shall pop into a diy store tomorrow .

Umm, I guess geography isn’t your strong point Evilblade :wink:

I might have, can post a photo of what you’ve got.

Don’t worry mate they may understand idea of POSTAGE or PARCEL… not all americans are dumb, even the name of the currier may give a clue that they know what they are doing “USPS Priority Mail International


Gav I’ll send you a photo on FB now.