Scorpion Exhausts

I managed to get a nice Scorpion exhaust for my Sprint RS. Basically brand spanking new. The baffle had never been taken out. Left it in for the MOT and then removed it for the fun time. Sounds fabulous, deeper growl to the engine note and a rather furious howl at higher revs. Bike feels smoother in midrange and pulls beatifully (as ever). Well pleased with my £100 bargain.

Another thread thats useless without pictures;):smiley:


Hmm. All right I’ll go outside and take some photographs just now… Any excuse.:D:D:D

After a long siesta and then dinner…


thinking of getting one of them for my gsxr, will it be any good on that ?

I would think so. I had a Triumph Race can on my previous Sprint and the Scorpion sounds a lot nicer. Worth the investment I would say. I am very pleased with having the removable baffle as I can have it nice and quiet for MOT time in 45 seconds and then back to being a decent bike in the same time span. :smiley: