Scorpion exhausts?

After a bit of advice.

Am after a new can for my 06 ZX6R Ninja - Underseat setup.

Was going for a akrapovic, but my mate (some mate!) with the same bike bought it before me!

Do like the Yoshimura ones, however, apart of nearly £500 squid on a road legal one, only can afford a race can, but would probably get nicked in central london on frequent occassions!

Now looking at a scorpion stainless one. Road lergal removable baffle etc.

Any one any advice or quality of these? recommended or not.



got em on my R1 good power increase not to noisey and look quite good, with termi stickers on oh and im using them with the baffles out

It’s not a Scorpion but I’m well excited because I’ve just bought an Akrapovic for my bike. End can’s going on (hopefully) this weekend, and baffles are coming out a few seconds later. cough

Hello Mate

Good cans loud with the baffle out, I have a link for one for sale on the site. It was a Titanium one which I just sold for £115

Get the Akrapovic anyway, its better right choice and ill still do you **% discount.

phone my boss alex(the turd)at rex judds he will sort out a nice price for you mate as we can get venom,micron,scorpion,akraprovic,and some others tell him your from london bikers 02089526911

What about Arrow?

I have a Arrow end can on my 10R,sounds good and easy baffle removal/replace!!

dude go for the Scorpions. I have two on the firestorm and they sound absolutely awesome. I think I must have had a deaf MOT tester though! It sounds the muts nuts.

oh dear flats whats this? cheap imitations of termi`s? ha ha pmsl

Yeah what about Arrows I would have those over an Akki any day of the week.

(I know im running an Akki but i got it REAL cheap)